There are many experiences in life that can cause a great amount of stress, particularly within the context of healthcare. The importance of caring for patients’ mental well-being during hospitalization cannot be overlooked, yet 47% of patients undergoing a scheduled operation feel very anxious, and only 1 in 5 feel as though their stress was well taken care of during hospitalization.

Whether you are a clinic, integrative medicine center, senior residence, or rehab medical center, seek out a solution that can have a measurable and sustainable impact on your patients’ mental health: Rebalance Impulse®.

Also offer the entire staff a high-performance solution for managing their stress, emotional balance, and quality of sleep, and thus preserve their reserve of kindness and empathy in service of the residents.

The sessions and programs offered target various objectives: Neuro-Relaxation, Sleep, Addictions, Memory & Concentration, Brain Anti-Aging, Pain Management, Slimming, Emotions Management, Long Covid Recovery, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (EMDR).