Sport Pro

Professional athletes are subject to considerable stress, of which the sources vary: uncertainty of competition, repetition of training, relationship with the coach or between athletes, the media, fear of injury, and financial challenges. 

Two of the key success factors for sports performance are stress management and recovery. Our concept began with a research project focusing on the professional sports sector. The initial goal was to develop a high-performance solution based on applied neuroscience that would enable athletes to manage their stress levels and facilitate their recovery. More than 600 high-level athletes of various nationalities and disciplines have contributed to the validation and optimization of our research programs.

The Rebalance Impulse® solution of today is second to none in terms of fighting chronic stress, improving sleep quality, favoring emotional balance, strengthening the immune system, and achieving flow. Rebalance Impulse is acclaimed by many high-level athletes and national selections. It has also been implemented into prestigious preparation and recovery centers as well as top-tier professional clubs.

Whether you are a coach looking for a solution to improve your athletes’ sleep, stress levels, and by extension their performance, or a center looking to broaden your mental wellness and recovery offer, look no further.